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Urmul Desert Crafts is where we celebrate the exquisite crafts of desert communities. Our platform unites talented rural artisans from the remote regions of the Thar Desert, showcasing their authentic sustainable,handcrafted products.

These artisans have dedicated years to honing their skills and creating exceptional pieces. However, many who admire their work lack direct access to them. That’s why we’ve created a modern marketplace, connecting artisans, organizations, and customers.

Through Urmul Desert Crafts, we open a window into the lives and crafts of these talented artisans, residing in isolated regions like Dhanis and small villages within the Thar Desert’s harsh realities. Our platform brings their remarkable creations to your doorstep, supporting their livelihoods and allowing you to cherish their craftsmanship.

Authenticity, fairness, and sustainability are our core values. Every product you discover is meticulously handcrafted using traditional techniques passed down through generations. We prioritize fair trade, ensuring artisans receive proper compensation.

Choose Urmul Desert Crafts to empower rural artisans and preserve their cultural heritage. Together, let’s celebrate the creativity, resilience, and spirit of desert communities as we build a brighter future for these artisans and their crafts Know More……


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