Grievance Policy


At Urmul Desert Crafts, we are committed to providing our customers, artisans, and employees with the highest standards of service and support.

We recognize that despite our best efforts, there may be times when our products, services, or interactions may not meet your expectations.

Our Grievance Policy is designed to address any concerns or complaints effectively and to ensure they are resolved in a timely, fair, and respectful manner.


This policy applies to all customers, artisans, employees, and stakeholders of Urmul Desert Crafts who may have a grievance related to our products, services, workplace practices, or other aspects of our business operations.


Accessibility: Our grievance process is easily accessible to all, ensuring that anyone with a concern can raise it without fear of reprisal.

Confidentiality: All grievances will be handled with strict confidentiality, with information disclosed only as necessary to resolve the issue.

Responsiveness: We commit to acknowledging all grievances promptly and striving to resolve them in the most efficient and effective manner.

Fairness and Impartiality: Every grievance will be treated with fairness and impartiality, ensuring a just process and outcome for all parties involved.

Transparency: We will keep all parties informed about the progress of their grievance resolution process.

How to Submit a Grievance

Grievances can be submitted through the following channels:

  • Email: Send your grievance to info@samakhya.com detailing the nature of your concern, the parties involved, and any relevant documentation.
  • Phone: Call us at +91 78350 00142 to speak directly with a member of our customer support.

Please include as much detail as possible to aid in the investigation and resolution of your grievance.

Grievance Resolution Process

Acknowledgment: Upon receiving a grievance, we will acknowledge receipt within 48 hours

Investigation: A thorough investigation will be conducted by a designated officer or team, ensuring neutrality and fairness.

Resolution: We aim to resolve all grievances within 30 Days of their acknowledgment. If a resolution requires more time, all parties will be informed of the reasons and the expected resolution date.

Feedback: Once a resolution is reached, it will be communicated to all parties involved. Feedback on the resolution process will be solicited to improve our grievance handling procedures.

Review and Monitoring

Our Grievance Policy and procedures will be reviewed regularly to ensure their effectiveness and to make improvements based on feedback and the evolving needs of our community.

Contact Information

For any questions or further information regarding our Grievance Policy, please contact:

Name: Lalit Singh Manral
Phone Number: +91 78350 00142
Email: info@samakhya.com

HQ Address: Samakhya Sustainable Alternatives (Pvt Ltd)224, UPPER THIRD FLOOR, GALI NO. 2, WEST GURU ANGAD NAGAR, LAXMI NAGAR ,DELHI Delhi 110092,India

Branch Address: Praudh shiksha bhavan,Near gol park, Purani ginnani, Bikaner PIN 334001

We at Urmul Desert Crafts are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of fairness and respect in all our interactions. Your satisfaction and well-being are of utmost importance to us, and we strive to ensure that all grievances are resolved to your satisfaction

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