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Our cloth emerges from the collective  conscience shaped not by one individual but by the fusion of many. Our cloth weaves through minds, exhaling vibrant colours and patterns, inspiring artisans with hope, confidence, and forming a transformative path. It embraces the past as it dances toward the future.

This extraordinary journey commences with the revelation of clusters, where the fabric traverses the realms of imagination. It is not in haste to perceive itself, but instead, it is in the realm of existence, harmoniously intertwined with others. Through the unearthing of these clusters, the craft training process intertwines with the collective, gradually amplifying the visual essence of the cloth, allowing it to be conceived in its entirety.

Gathered piece by piece, the fabric is sourced from our skillful weavers, while the yarn finds its origin in the hands of pastoralists, intertwining their stories into every fibre. Tenderly caressed by the hands of our artisan groups, guided by the wisdom of experienced leaders, the cloth breathes life and purpose. Its creation is a meticulous dance, a symphony of artistry and dedication.

Before venturing beyond its birthplace, the cloth embarks on a pilgrimage of refinement. A careful examination ensures its unwavering quality, refining its very essence. And thus, adorned with a kaleidoscope of colours, it emerges into the world, with its beauty and craftsmanship. Its journey finds companionship with renown nation and international brands, gracing  exhibitions, while it also is hosted here on Urmul Desert craft

In this extraordinary tale of creation, our cloth transcends the ordinary, born from the shared dreams and aspirations of many, forever woven into the fabric of time.

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