I never imagined that my first job would be to work directly with the artisans.I always thought that I will be working under a designer. But as my destiny would have it, I landed up as Lead, Design team with Urmul Seemant samity (IGP)while I was studying at the school of fashion technology and grew up as a designer and marketing executive. My first place of work brought me to a remote village campus in the middle of Thar desert, 100 km away from city of Bikaner, called Bajju.

There are generations of weavers, dyers and craftsmen for whom, the ‘craft’ was first an ‘art’ passed on to them, lovingly by their grandparents and parents. There are few who learn this art simply because they are best friends with the girl whose grandmother taught her how to make the top.

Challenges for me it was very tough to work with artisan because I was not able to understand their language and they were also not able to understand my language there was barrier of communication but people say true that when heart is pure everything seems good and they started understanding my language and I too started understanding their language and I started feeling connections with them.

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