As the market changes it brings in new challenges that require innovation. IGP brings in new designs, diverse products and techniques. It responds to the needs of new markets, and develops new tactics to lead in this growth journey with maximum results for the artisans.


Change in market scenario


IGP establishes itself as a Producer group.


There is now a growing demand in the products handcrafted by the artisans with their traditional techniques and local expertise. The urban consumer understands, values, and appreciates the beautiful art forms of the Thar and the markets begin to expand.


Products with traditional techniques and artisanal skill find a surging market in urban areas.


Establishment of Income Generation Programmes in Lunkaransar, Bajju and Urmul marusthali Bunkar Vikas Samiti (UMBVS) in Phalodi and Pokaran that focussed on kashida (hand-embroidery) and handloom.


In the border area nearby, a woman SHG leader asked the team to help develop livelihood opportunities for women as it had become extremely difficult to even save as little as ten rupees. It brought to light the conditions faced by vulnerable groups of women and children. The team of health workers from Urmul spotted an old hand-embroidered piece in one of the villages on the Indo-Pak border. Thus discovering the potential of migrant communities of Bahawalpur and Sindh, and planting the seed for an idea which would change the course of the economy of the area.


A chance meeting between Urmul workers and itinerant traders led to a group of five weavers from the Meghwal community of Phalodi and Pokaran to undertake dyeing yarn and learning essential managerial skills to run an enterprise.


Livelihood support became a major drought relief activity since agriculture and horticulture became impossible to sustain. Efforts towards building livelihood started with spinning local wool on once abandoned charkhas.


The year saw the biggest drought of the century which changed the course of the organization.


Urmul Rural Health Research & Development Trust started its journey to provide health and education support to the village level milk societies